Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making Summer Last: Maxi Dress

Work it Wednesday

Once again its time for Work It Wednesday! Don't forget to head over to Good Life and check out how Jill is working with Kelly Green!

I don't know about your part of the world but here in central North Carolina it has been one rainy week!  All of this wet weather has put me in the mood for fall rain gear and hence inspired this weeks Work It Wednesday item: Red Wellies!  All three of these great outfits work best with a warm cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte!

As a NY Giants fan living in NC i dont get to celebrate at the stadium but that doesnt mean the tailgaiting has to cease!  Red Wellies are great for pre-game cookouts and trudging outdoors watching the boys throw the pigskin around during halftime.  And my Red Wellies color coordinate with both by Football teams (GO GIANTS! GO WOLFPACK!) 
Work It Wednesday: Red Wellies Part 1 Tailgate

There is the occasional Sunday where my Giants have the nighttime game and I can fit in a nice Sunday brunch with friends and family!  Dont ruin your heels in the chilly Fall rainfall for those mimosas, throw on some red wellies with a cute basic pattern dress.  Embrace the bright burst of color with bright matching accessories to make it pop! 

Work It Wednesday: Red Wellies

The tourists seem not to realize this but one of the best times to visit the NC coast is in the fall off-season.  Traffic is light and nothing is more peaceful than the solitary sound of rolling ocean waves.   Prepare for that chilly breeze with a snuggly oversized sweater and throw on the red wellies with a breezy maxi skirt for a walk on the beach. 

Work it Wednesday: Red Wellies

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I love Thursday!

Target Brand Up & Up Coconut Cranberry Hand Soap

Why hasn't this combination of Coconut and Cranberry ever been done before (that I've seen)?!  Leave it to Target to concoct such a treat AND market it as a generic brand along with the generic pricing.  Oh we owe you one Target.  Now I get to lather it up everyday and make little suds of smelly goodness?! Sensory Heaven.

Old Navy's take an addition 30% off already marked down clearance sale. (In store only, I think...)

YES this sale is going on right now! Its the best for picking up the basic staples like that vneck t in black, white, blue, red...oh all the colors they have.  You know that little peice of goodness will be worn more than any other piece of clothing you have this year and at $2.19 each!  You can stock up!


Thursday night game tonight vs. Cincy!  GO PACK!
Love to watch my boys anytime but its always extra special under the lights!

My wonderful night owl boyfriend Bobby

Who will stay up late enough to watch the end of the Wolfpack game and fill me on on what I missed in the morning :)  I try and fight it but I always fall asleep and he always has my back. 

Making Summer Last: White Pants

Most of us can't afford to put our "summer" clothes away and buy all new fall appropriate wear; with my "Making summer last" posts I will try to help the average gal learn to transition her summer closet into a fall closet. 

Making Summer Last: White Pants

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work it Wednesday

Every Wednesday one of my favorite fashion blogs (GoodLife) posts a link called "Work It Wednesday" where one fashion item is featured in three different ways.  Here is my take this week on colored corduroy:

Color Block them!

Im currently obsessed with the color blocking going on with red and pink; its just so wrong but feels so right!  Make sure to keep everything simple though!

colorblocking colored cords

Tone down bright red cords for weekend relaxing with neutral tones.  Use a few unique accessories that pop to add some character (hellooooo leopard print bangle! What a nice surprise you are!)

colored cords made casual on the weekend

Finally for work add some chic sophistication with black.  The blazer adds formal structure while the black pumps add muted sexiness.  And the vintage Chanel watch?  Well if i had that i would wear it with everything; even my jammies. 

colored cords at the office
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Im surprised it took me so long...

Well I held off as long as I could; but we close on our new house in exactly 35 days and i cant take it anymore.  I must begin to decorate. 

Yes; I realize the absurdity of this even more so as I type it out, but i have always LOVED a bathroom.  I'm not talking about the typical spa retreat of today where you relax in your soaker tub and forget about your hard day, but all bathrooms.  One of my favorite places to hang out as a child was in the upstairs bathroom around the corner from my bedroom.  We are talking late 1980's and this was a 100 year old house so this definitely wasn't a magazine chic relaxation retreat.  This was a small tub shower combination galley style family bathroom with cold white tiles and a door that didn't lock (please don't come in, please don't come in...).  Not only did I share this bathroom with my parents but also my two brothers who were very athletic and not so good smelling.  I loved that space.  Most nights were spent by me laying on the bathroom floor mat reading my book by the blinding fluorescent light fixtures.  I found comfort in the cleansing products haphazardly lined up in the linen closet and the damp air leftover from showers and baths before.  I loved that small cramped space and never felt more safe than when i spend alone time there.  I wished I could LIVE in a bathroom!  What a happy life that would be for me! 

Of course two plus decades later and my preference for bathrooms has evolved.  My love for them has not faded but only grown to include all the beautiful products introduced over the years!  A pillow for the tub!  I die!  Scented candles?  Could this be true!?  If only someone could invent a way for me to not wilt the pages in my books as I read the night away...i would possibly never leave! 

So I begin this phase of my interior design blogging with of course...the bathroom.  Not the master bath; no not yet.  But i do have a lovely powder room right off the foyer that needs some updating STAT! 

Wallpaper is usually one of dirtiest words in decorating today; but alas! a powder room can be the great exception.  Something about a bold print in the small confined space adds a great formality and comfort that just works.  It invokes an air of luxury that you want your guests to feel when they visit this very intimate corner of your house.  The visit will be short so interest can run high in this room without overloading the senses. 

Here are a few examples of the kind of space I would like to create:

I'm digging the splash of hot pink against this graphic black and white print; but somehow doubt my male counterpart will agree.  We will have hold back some on the estrogen in the room i think...

Personally I think the brown granite and gold branch mirror are overkill with this look but I still had to post this one because i just love the whimsy of the tree print.  I think I could really make this one work.

Its hard to go wrong with traditional.

The added element of wainscoting really adds a bold punch of formality to this look.  I think I like it...but may needed a larger space to make it work.  Ahh but the upstairs guest bath is roomier...I may be able to apply this one yet.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Im going to try to keep this weekly segment up *fingers crossed*
Im going to try really really hard!


Here I will share with you a few things i LOVEEEE

Blue Moon on a Sunday Afternoon on the patio at Sawmill Tap Room with Bobby talking about our plans...

Watching my Bad Ass Bestie Nora riding her Harley! 

Fall closed toes shoes which mean my poor feet wont freeze in the office as much!

The anticipation of a vacation!
Disney part deux! 28 DAYS!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today we remember...

It may not be huge but we will always do our part here to remember.  Our house and our family will always remember.  God Bless everyone today. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Window Shopping in Paris

Window Shopping in Paris

Just a little daydreaming of the things I look forward to most in my future is traveling and Paris is definitely a place I will make sure i see in person.  I hope I am wearing heels like this while Im strolling around the city because in Paris it is just appropriate. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspection update, Big Blue and the Pack!

Inspections all done and went really well!  No "big uglies" as Cynthia (GREAT Fonville Morisey realtor - use her!) calls them.  Pretty standard stuff so we count ourselves lucky and blessed!  Now we just continue to play the waiting game until closing in late October! 

Big Blue (Liam Dippolito) turns ONE today! His birthday party is this weekend and I cant wait to see him!  I cant believe its been a year since hes joined the Dippolito crew!  It seems like yesterday he was just like this:

And now he has become THIS:

(sorry random shout out)

Of course i get to see big brother Ryan too!  And I guess his Mom and Dad are pretty ok too :) 

Awwwooooooooooo we are just one big happy Wolfpack family!

Happy Birthday my absolute favorite nephew whose name starts with an L!  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inspection Day

Well today is the big inspection!  We report at 9 am so fingers crossed!  I will update this afternoon with our findings.  Think good thoughts for Bobby and I :) 

Monday, September 5, 2011

You know you wondered too...

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. 

- per the United States Department of Labor:  

Cheers to all the workers in our nation who bust it everyday to make ends meet.  Never forget you're the asset!   No matter if you are taking orders for cheeseburgers and soda or creating the antidote that leads to the cure for cancer, you're all important.  Those research doctors likely work better on a full stomach.  Its a group effort people.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Magic Kingdom Monday...

Magic Kingdom Monday...

Only 40 more days to go and my vacation begins!  It may be the longest 40 days of my life but i can pass some of that time dreaming of fun outfits to wear when it arrives!  Or maybe it would be better spent finding affordable alternatives to make my dream outfit reality?  Because I know MY reality certainly doesn't include those Balenciaga sunglasses or those Tille Suede boots. 

A little bit of me...

Too much fun to even title.

Mixed patterns, a bit of the unexpected and bright red lips to go with my cat eye glasses?  I think you get me now... :)