Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I don't think my Christmas Tree has a chance against Luna this year:

Cats are a mischievous animal, yet they intrigue us.  They judge us and we love them.  They are fickle and think themselves better than us.  We reward them with love and kisses.  It's quite the enigma, Cat love. 

I think this quote captures it perfectly.

“If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That's what people remember.”

Cats have STYLE.  They exude chic in everything they do.  Want proof?  See below how felines have influenced fashion. 

Touche kitty cat.  Like a sexy confident woman, you know how to get your way.


  1. Your cat is BEAUTIFUL. I definitely agree with you - cats exude sexiness. And those cat heels = I DIE. Love love LOVE them!!

  2. Those glasses are awesome! :) And I love the cat eye makeup.

  3. looooove cat eye makeup! Two Faced at sephora has a cat eye kit for 12 bucks. Buy it! It's amazainnng!

  4. I'm in love with those sunglasses! I will say that my cat simply dealt with me until he turned 13... then suddenly he decided that cuddling and bed sharing were totally legit.

  5. It is such a production for my boyfriend to put up a tree because of his three cats. I hope Luna doesn't get into your tree too bad this year!! Cats definitely have style!! I always leave my house with a cat eye like eyeliner! =)

    Happy Holidays!

    Ergo - Blog

  6. I want to get my boys a cat so bad but my husband doesn't like them! I am with you, lots of style :)

  7. totally TOTALLY love cats and I must agree they`re just fabulous (even though I`ve got a dog LOL :P)


  8. Luna is -so- pretty!!! :) Those little cat ear rings are adorable!

  9. Ha! Cats are a mess aren't they? I so wish I wasn't ridiculously allergic to them or I'd have one in a minute. Thanks for commenting on our Deals And Steals Link Up today. Hope you'll link up next Thursday!

  10. I just adore the cat eye look for makeup in pictures. I'd try to rock it for a special occassion if I knew I wouldn't look ridiculous. ;)

    And, I'm definitely NOT a cat person. I'm SO allergic to them. As is my husband. So, we have two dogs. ;)


  11. Awesome post!!! Cats are just fabulous!! My two certainly are total divas!! Hehe! its gonna be their second xmas this year so no doubt the tree will be getting attacked!! Lol!

    Jen xxx