Friday, November 9, 2012

Pumpkin Swap Time

I can't tell you how much I love my Pumpkin Swap Partner, Hallie at Life: Oceanside. Not only is she a fantastic person but she is my long lost doggy devoted twin.  This girl and I share a BRAIN when it comes to animals, especially our own :) Before I start the Pumpkin Swap Post I want to bring something that Hallie is doing to your attention. 

Hallie is promoting the "Comfort Drive" which is a service that Operation Wesley is setting up for all the animals affected by Hurricane Sandy. 
The comfort drive is running until this Saturday, November 10th.
They are asking for:
New, Unused Pet Supplies
Care Packages
Gift Cards to Petco, Walmart, Petsmart, and Target.
or Paypal donations.

 They will be delivered to all of the surrounding New York and New Jersey animal shelters on Sunday November 11th.

 If you have it in your heart or in your wallet to donate even a couple tennis balls and a small bag of treats PLEASE do what you can to help the Animals of Sandy.

You can send all packages to:

Rita Berger
c/o Operation Wesley
4023 Kennett Pike Suite 409
Greenville, DE 19807

Paypal donations and E-gift cards can be sent to :
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to Hallie's Blog for more information! Click on the picture of her BEAUTIFUL pup Tally below to get there:

On to the Pumpkin Swap reveal!
Brought to you by:
Kristin @ Kristin's KNook
This swap was an opportunity to be paired up with another blogger to share some of your favorite Fall things!  I am still in shock that I was paired up so well. Hallie at Life: Oceanside is my blog doppleganger.  I have enjoyed every second of this blog swap with her.
I loved every piece of my swap box from Hallie so much that I immediately started placing it around my home (even before I started taking pics.)  I loved everything so much I just couldn't wait to display it.  So I figure what better way to share with you than how I am using it today!
1.) Owl Dish.
Precious right?  Who doesn't love Owls? I think they win the "Most Popular Animal" superlative this year for sure.  This great little dish is perfect in my foyer, posititioned on top of my mail sorting box.  My keys are loving hanging out here when they are not in service.

2.) Candle and Owl Candle Holder.
This candle holder is a dark metallic copper color and just screams "Light the candle in me! Light it now! Together we create the perfect Fall ambience!" 

I love this piece so much I cannot decide where to put it!  So I took a picture of the four finalists and am posting them below.  Which works best? 

A.) On the bookshelf next to my copper spray painted wine bottles?
B.) On the mantle next to my favorite wedding shot?
C.) On the kitchen counter next to my sparkly pumpkins and framed Charlie Brown cartoon?
D.) Back on the bookshelf again, but this time in front of the display of my precious antique Nancy Drew collection?

Now that I made you think really hard I will show off the supersweet Jack-O-Lantern glasses I found next in my swap box.
3.) Previously mentioned super sweet Jack-O-Lantern glasses.
FUN! I love all things fun! And these are F.U.N.!!!
My first choice for model was Audrey, unfortunately she was not very cooperative.  Demanding triple treats for the perfect shot she stuck her tongue out at the camera when denied. So I moved on to my stuffed Eli Manning.  That guy looks suave in EVERYTHING.

4.) "Be Thankful for the Little Things in Life" coasters.  I can't wait to bust these babies out at Thanksgiving.  I am hosting at my house this year and there will be no glass rings in this house!
5.) Apple notepad.  Writing is my passion (along with animals, and reading and chocolate.)  I have already started filling this baby up with my random words.

6.) Coffee Mug.  I use this everyday.  It sits at my desk at work and makes me happy because it is YELLOW!

Hallie.  Seriously.  You are a Superstar.  I am ecstatic that I was paired with you and definitely see a long blog friendship with you. 
All my blogger friends: Go to Life: Oceanside and discover her awesomeness.  I promise that you won't regret it.


  1. ahhhhh love this soo much!
    you are the bestest swap partner EVERR! ;):)

    and thank you so much for the shoutout for the Comfort Drive, that is seriously so sweet and means the world!

    have a great weekend love, and can we just randomly swap stuff every month? this was way to fun:):)

  2. You got such cute stuff! And you're lucky to have such a gorgeous model to show off those glasses :). Thanks for joining the swap, and it's awesome of you to promote the Comfort Drive!

  3. This is such great stuff! I also sent my partner something with an owl, so I would agree that they are totally in :)

    Meg @

  4. I want that owl plate in my house right meow! LOL i love it, such cute thoughtful gifts!!

  5. You have a Nancy Drew collection! I found one of the Nancy Drew books (looks just like yours) at Goodwill once. I didn't want to sell it, so I made it into an antiue journal :) I think I like the candle & candle holder by your wedding picture best. Such a cute photo!

  6. So fun! I love getting mail and doing swaps :) I like the jar next to the copper bottles!

  7. What awesome goodies! The owl plate is so adorable. I really like owls =)
    I love swaps and had so much fun with this one. And it looks like you had a great time too!

  8. Great goodies! Thank you for participating! It really seems like owls were the theme this year..

    Kristin :)

  9. Cute! I like it by the wedding picture :)

  10. Love the owls! :) New follower to your adorable blog!