Tuesday, November 13, 2012

F4: Fall Finds For my Friends

Fall is back

North Carolina's Freakish November heat has moved on and crisp Fall has snuck back in.  I think Target can help; want to see how? For under $40?

Step 1. Wrap up in something warm, oversized and snuggly.


Now, focus on your extremities.  If your fingers, toes, and head are cold you have no chance to warm up.

Step 2. Cover up those toes; it's COLD outside!


Step 3. Cover them inside too! These slippers are so cute just looking at them will make you warm all over.

 Step 4.  Hats. Hats. Hats.


Step 5. Ok.  Are you one of those people who hates hats?  I have a solution for you too! Fluffy earmuffs! These ones play sweet Christmas tunes when they are hooked up to your music player (don't act like you are not ready for Christmas music yet.)


Step 6. Finally.  Your fingers...aren't they chilly right now?  Mine are!  These leopard fliptops would be perfect as i type, the red are for when i want everyone to believe i am getting ready to go for a drive in my Meeerceeeedessss.  We can pretend.


To find any of these items just click on the image, i have attached the link to making shopping easy!

This is not a sponsored post.  I just love to share great budget friendly finds!


  1. I NEED those black cat slippers. Like, NOW.

  2. Oh, I love the red sweater with the white heart! So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I need no help being persuaded to throw my money at Target. I swear, I can be driving on a freeway through a town I don't know, and I can smell Target coming from a mile away (I blame it on the popcorn machines).

    Those dark earmuffs are my favorite.

  4. I love it all :) Target is so my favorite!

  5. I almost clicked over to consider purchasing that Target sweater then I realized I had already bought it! haha!
    I have a huge thing for sweaters..this is my absolutely favorite time of year.
    Thanks for finding my blog so I could find yours. Following now, looking forward to future posts!


  6. I love the red heart sweater!!! I need to get some oversized things to wear with leggings :)

  7. Target always has awesome mittens/hats/scarves. They're always so cute!

  8. I LOVE winter accessories! Those slippers look SUPER comfy. :)

  9. SUPER CUTE winter accessories!!!
    I love love love the heart sweater!

  10. I have a John Paul Gaultier Cat Ears hat I bought last fall - When I saw a similar one on Man Repeller I almost died! Love anything cat themed.