Monday, October 31, 2011

Current Obsession

Leopard Loafers

Im in love with these loafers.  I think I found the perfect way to use Leopard as an interesting accent this fall; To be fair I think alot of us are discovering the wonder of these shoes.


Really Blake Lively?  Could you make Halloween any better? All black (skinnies, hat, jacket, quilted Chanel bag) with those speckled wedges and a pumpkin.  Wow.  LOVE HER.  Just love her.


Happy Halloween Everyone!

(Pig in a blanket)

Aren't my "hooves" cute?!  And check out my yellow and purple gingham manicure.  

Friday, October 28, 2011

Master bedroom inspiration

We FINALLY move into our new house tomorrow morning!  I have been waiting (very patiently i think) for this day for over a month!  Since this is our first house and we are upgrading from an apt we pretty much have a blank pallet for design.  This morning my mind is on our Master Bedroom.  Here are a few inspiration photos i found this morning that i am digging.  The different shades of grey mixed with white trim is very soothing to me and I am loving the wood accents here and there (see the beams and the side table.)  Looks like the camel and grey trend is working in more places than just fashion lately (see this post). 

Master bedroom inspiration

And as a side note; I am loving this look for one of our guest bedrooms or even our computer room.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

In the spirt of Halloween: Kim Kardashian costume!

Lets link up!   Check out AV over at Long Distance Loving to check out the Halloween Edition of Friday's Fancies.

And without further ado: Kim Kardashian Costume

Kim Kardashian costume

Things I love Thursday

I love when its legitimately chilly enough outside to wear my scarves. Since i wear them all year round anyway, this is the one time a year i dont actually look out of place.

I love CANDY CORN.  I love it.

I love the Reuben sandwich.  My absolute favorite is the Mcallister's Deli version; i think because i can get macaroni and cheese with it.

Lastly: I LOVE that bright hot pink is in style this fall!  I've been wearing this color for years and i feel so ahead of trend!  Its my absolute favorite color to wear and I always get compliments when I do.  And it makes me think of my Grandma McDermott who looked fabulous in hot pink too!


Monday, October 24, 2011


I am really exited about these Olsenboye boots I bought yesterday on sale!

I want to wear them everyday!  And now i found this capelet from Talbots that would just be perfect with them this winter!  Dont you think???


Vacations end...

Well vacation is sad.  Not really though!  We close on our house on Wednesday! I managed to squish so much into the last two weeks of October I am going to need another vacation just to recover!  I will stop talking now and get to the pictures!

Dinner on the night we arrived at Boatwrights.  First beer of the vacation.

 Our hotel was fantastic (Port Orleans French Quarter.) I definitely recommend it!
One of my favorite things about Disney is the ducks!  They are everywhere!

Stitch!  Our favorite!

Best chocolate mousse ive ever had.  No joke. From the Patisserie at France in Epcot.

London in Epcot

 Chefs De France at France in Epcot. 

Love everything Toy Story related.

I thought this was so cute...

Magic Kingdom was all decorated for Halloween.

THE castle of course...

Tracy and I getting pre-dinner drinks by the pool.

Animal Kingdom always amazes me...

Me at the resort

Date night!

Sunday football!  Go Giants!

Aerosmith Rollercoaster. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Shout out to my boyfriends great wit for his help with today's post title! 

This one has to be short and sweet because I am officially on vacation in 2 hours and 5 minutes!  I just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that I will be playing at Disneyworld for the next 10 days so i apologize ahead of time for the lack of posts!  But dont fret, the posts when I return will be even BETTER for it!

Check out my fun "Minnie"-cure I did especially for the trip!  See ya real soon :) 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work it Wednesday!

Time for another installment of Work It Wednesday!  Dont forget to go check out GOOD LIFE where Jill started it all and is working one of the falls hottest items, a faux fur vest!

Today I am showing three ways you can take a summer staple pleated waist dress (mine is navy) and transition it for fall.  What girl doesn't have a simple short summer dress they dont want to put away?!

Blazers are EVERYWHERE this fall!  Get one in every color and put it on top of all your clothes!  Here i went with a cream colored blazer and cream tights to add warmth and some really great wedge oxfords.  This will work for anyday at the office.

Work it Wednesday Navy Pleated Dress Look 1

Im loving the colored tights trend that is showing up recently and have ALMOST got my nerve up to
try it out.  Here is an example of how I would make it work.  I really love the idea of matching the shoes to the tights...but thats just me.
Work it Wednesday Navy Pleated Dress part 2

Add a leather jacket to anything this year and it works.  I am in love with this look.  Everything about it.  Wedges with chain, leopard messenger bag, and brown leather.  AHHHHHHHH.

Work it Wednesday Navy Pleated Dress Part 3

Friday, October 7, 2011

Inspired by

Inspired by

Inspired by by taraisabelle featuring a grey shirt

One of my FAVORITE blogs (Strong Sense of Style) had a post this week on mixing camel and gray together in fashion.  I admit this was a color combo that used to frighten me but after reading THIS I decided to re-think my fear and you know what, I really love it!  And this is why I love blogging!  Thanks for the inspiration!  

Things I love Thursday (Friday edition)

I LOVE that this blog IS MINE and if I dont get to post my "Things I Love Thursday" post in time i can just post it on Friday! 

The number one reason I love October?  Pumpkin Beer!
I LOVE Big Boss Harvest Time Pumpkin Ale...yummm!  So sorry for all you that live outside of NC and cant get any :( 

Chalkboard paint inside pantry doors.  Genius I say!  You better believe this is going to happen at my new house.

And my current absolute favorite thing I LOVE right now?



Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Oh! Surprise! Spontaneous visit to the salon today and I walked out almost platinum! OOPS! 

I'm loving it so far; I'm a firm believer in blonder is better. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Powder Room

As the closing date gets closer and closer (only 22 more days!) I'm getting really excited and coming close to finalizing on some of my decorating ideas.  I've talked about the first floor powder room on here a bit and I've decided to tackle it as my first room makeover in the new house.  Its a small space, not to mention a pretty hideous bright red color that makes it look even smallllller, and should allow me to get my decorating feet wet.  I originally considered wallpaper for this room (see here) but have since decided that i really need to lighten this space up and save the wallpaper ideas for a larger bathroom.  Also I won't lie, I'm a little scared of putting up wallpaper.  I'm so scared i would mess it up ruin the whole house!  Ok that was dramatic but i think for my first project i will stick to something i am familiar with: PAINT. 

I'm thinking of horizontal stripes alternating between a very light gray and a pearl white.  Here are a couple of inspiration photos i am basing my vision on:

I really like that this look captures the interest and whimsy i want in this room while at the same time staying very crisp, clean and neutral allowing the space to open up as much as possible. 

After I paint i plan on using bold white, lucite, glass and mirrors to accessorize the room.   Then I hope to add a piece or two of contrast to complete the look.  This rustic mirror below adds the exact diversity i am looking for in my design.  I am thinking with some wood i can recreate this frame around the existing mirror to save money (i will let you know how that one goes.) 

The only thing left is to add just  a touch of color to give the room some unexpected life.  I'm still thinking of how i will do that but I love the way the green stems of the flowers in this room add so much to this space.

Does anyone have any ideas for a way i can incorporate a slight punch of color to my room?  I'm open for any ideas!