Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Powder Room

As the closing date gets closer and closer (only 22 more days!) I'm getting really excited and coming close to finalizing on some of my decorating ideas.  I've talked about the first floor powder room on here a bit and I've decided to tackle it as my first room makeover in the new house.  Its a small space, not to mention a pretty hideous bright red color that makes it look even smallllller, and should allow me to get my decorating feet wet.  I originally considered wallpaper for this room (see here) but have since decided that i really need to lighten this space up and save the wallpaper ideas for a larger bathroom.  Also I won't lie, I'm a little scared of putting up wallpaper.  I'm so scared i would mess it up ruin the whole house!  Ok that was dramatic but i think for my first project i will stick to something i am familiar with: PAINT. 

I'm thinking of horizontal stripes alternating between a very light gray and a pearl white.  Here are a couple of inspiration photos i am basing my vision on:

I really like that this look captures the interest and whimsy i want in this room while at the same time staying very crisp, clean and neutral allowing the space to open up as much as possible. 

After I paint i plan on using bold white, lucite, glass and mirrors to accessorize the room.   Then I hope to add a piece or two of contrast to complete the look.  This rustic mirror below adds the exact diversity i am looking for in my design.  I am thinking with some wood i can recreate this frame around the existing mirror to save money (i will let you know how that one goes.) 

The only thing left is to add just  a touch of color to give the room some unexpected life.  I'm still thinking of how i will do that but I love the way the green stems of the flowers in this room add so much to this space.

Does anyone have any ideas for a way i can incorporate a slight punch of color to my room?  I'm open for any ideas! 

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