Thursday, October 27, 2011

In the spirt of Halloween: Kim Kardashian costume!

Lets link up!   Check out AV over at Long Distance Loving to check out the Halloween Edition of Friday's Fancies.

And without further ado: Kim Kardashian Costume

Kim Kardashian costume


  1. haha i laughed so hard when i saw this! cute post

  2. I love your blog quote! Looking forward to reading more. Great outfit!

  3. O and I also just saw that you are in NC. We just moved from Winston and I miss it SO much! And I promise you will find blogging so much more rewarding than facebook. I hardly get on it anymore!

  4. Holy cow! this is one fierce costume--and I love it! So happy to have you for Friday's Fancies :) I hope you'll be back again soon! enjoy your week! xoxo {av}