Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Im surprised it took me so long...

Well I held off as long as I could; but we close on our new house in exactly 35 days and i cant take it anymore.  I must begin to decorate. 

Yes; I realize the absurdity of this even more so as I type it out, but i have always LOVED a bathroom.  I'm not talking about the typical spa retreat of today where you relax in your soaker tub and forget about your hard day, but all bathrooms.  One of my favorite places to hang out as a child was in the upstairs bathroom around the corner from my bedroom.  We are talking late 1980's and this was a 100 year old house so this definitely wasn't a magazine chic relaxation retreat.  This was a small tub shower combination galley style family bathroom with cold white tiles and a door that didn't lock (please don't come in, please don't come in...).  Not only did I share this bathroom with my parents but also my two brothers who were very athletic and not so good smelling.  I loved that space.  Most nights were spent by me laying on the bathroom floor mat reading my book by the blinding fluorescent light fixtures.  I found comfort in the cleansing products haphazardly lined up in the linen closet and the damp air leftover from showers and baths before.  I loved that small cramped space and never felt more safe than when i spend alone time there.  I wished I could LIVE in a bathroom!  What a happy life that would be for me! 

Of course two plus decades later and my preference for bathrooms has evolved.  My love for them has not faded but only grown to include all the beautiful products introduced over the years!  A pillow for the tub!  I die!  Scented candles?  Could this be true!?  If only someone could invent a way for me to not wilt the pages in my books as I read the night away...i would possibly never leave! 

So I begin this phase of my interior design blogging with of course...the bathroom.  Not the master bath; no not yet.  But i do have a lovely powder room right off the foyer that needs some updating STAT! 

Wallpaper is usually one of dirtiest words in decorating today; but alas! a powder room can be the great exception.  Something about a bold print in the small confined space adds a great formality and comfort that just works.  It invokes an air of luxury that you want your guests to feel when they visit this very intimate corner of your house.  The visit will be short so interest can run high in this room without overloading the senses. 

Here are a few examples of the kind of space I would like to create:

I'm digging the splash of hot pink against this graphic black and white print; but somehow doubt my male counterpart will agree.  We will have hold back some on the estrogen in the room i think...

Personally I think the brown granite and gold branch mirror are overkill with this look but I still had to post this one because i just love the whimsy of the tree print.  I think I could really make this one work.

Its hard to go wrong with traditional.

The added element of wainscoting really adds a bold punch of formality to this look.  I think I like it...but may needed a larger space to make it work.  Ahh but the upstairs guest bath is roomier...I may be able to apply this one yet.

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  1. That one picture should have antlers on the wall!

    Can't wait to see your new house :)