Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lets do this


I want to escalate my blog a bit. 

Hitting 100 followers was goal number one and now that I am there I am ready to bring it.
Fashion, lifestyle and humor are the three things I want my blog to focus on.  I want to start sharing outfit posts.  Outfit posts that are for the average girl.  Outfit posts where the reader can relate to me because my size, my budget, my life is like theirs. 

I want my followers to be able to use my blog to find benefit when they visit.  Deals, ideas, inspiration, even just a smile are what I want to give to you. 

I'm working on moving on up so I guess I just wanted to let you know.  Your following is what keeps me going.  I appreciate it.  I thank you

We are growing every day. 

Lets Do This!


  1. YAY! Love your blog girl! I look forward to growing with you! xoxo

  2. Awesome!! Congrats on Lucky 100!
    Laurie :)