Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Shopper Series: Urban Outfitters

I am one of those girls who only shops the sale racks.  If an item is full price I likely won't even see it as i breeze by towards the clearance section, unless i am armed with a coupon or discount code.  I get alot of joy scouring stores online, hunting for fashionable items at a great deal.  My husband loves this about me because it translates into big savings and i love this about me because it translates into more fashion loot. 

I thought it would be fun to share some of my finds with you all as a Holiday Series.  Christmas is around the corner and maybe i can help you find that perfect gift for that perfect person!

Today's feature store is Urban Outfitters:
Simply click on the picture to link directly to the item.

Cooperative Croc Shopper $19.99
This tote is sturdy with classic lines.  The color lends itself to year round use.

BDG Houndstooth Leggings $9.99
Pair these leggings with a bright red tunic or sweater for the perfect Holiday Party look.

Big Triangle Earrings $9.99
Art Deco inspired these earrings would go with anything

Hieroglyphics Cuff Bracelet $12.99
I love how the Hieroglyphics on this cuff are so unique.  I think this Egyptian art form may be a big trend in the fashion world soon.

BDG Camouflage Sweatshirt $14.99
Camouflage is everywhere this season.  This sweatshirt is a great relaxed version of this spot on trend.

Ecote Print Ipad Case $16.99
Carry your Ipad in style all you bloggers.

Kimchi Blue Canvas Print Pump $19.99
I see these striped pumps paired with black skinnies and a leopard print scarf.

MFP Spike Bracelet
This bracelet is screaming for an arm party!  Spikes are a great way to add toughness to your look.