Friday, December 9, 2011


Well it's Friday again so time for some more Confessions!  Don't forget to check out the link up over at Blonde Ambition

1.  I confess that Bobby and I are getting married on January 21st!

part deux of this confession is...that we are getting married January 21st, 2012.  YES as in NEXT. MONTH.

I love planning weddings and big events as much as the next girl (probably a little more to be honest) but for some reason it just feels right to not wait this one out.  Bobby and I have had many discussions on the topic and we keep coming to the same conclusion; Why wait?  For us this just feels right.  So we are going to have a very small, intimate gathering at our new house and seal our union with our closest family and friends.  There will be no bridal party, few traditions and lots of love.  And we can't wait :)

2. I confess that I think The Office is not good anymore now that Steve Carell is gone.  The Office has long been my absolute favorite show and I think it had a good, long run that consisted of GENIUS comedy. I really gave it a fighting chance without Micheal Scott; but I can't do it anymore.  And that breaks my heart.  On the other hand the old episodes NEVER get old and since I own the entire collection I can watch anytime! 

3. I confess that I don't want this costume for my future daughter; i want it for ME.


  1. Good for yall! Im so glad you are getting married right away. I think so many people lose the real reason for the wedding when they get all lost in the planning. My hubs and I had a very private civil ceremony months before our big wedding (I only wanted the private want but got vetoed by everyone around me!) but that ceremony is the one I hold dearest in my heart because it was just about us and our vows. Congrats to you two!!!

  2. so exciting!! i love that it will be small and intimate... so many people get caught up in the planning and lose sight of the fact that the wedding is about the MARRIAGE. congrats!