Friday, December 2, 2011


Today I am going to try something new and join Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for her Confessional Linkup.  Go check her out! 

And here are,  my confessions (well some of them.)

1. I confess that Bobby and I decided it was easier to shove the Christmas Tree in the hatchback of my car (filling the ENTIRE car all the way up to the front passenger seat) than to tie it up top like we are supposed to. 

Yeah this confession is a multi-parter

1. (A) I confess that this is the exact car I drive and Bobby is over six feet tall and had to fit inside too along with the tree.

1. (B) I confess that if anyone wants to sit in my car this month it smells like Christmas Spirit!

1. (C) I confess that I found out Dust Busters work REALLY well picking up pine needles by the thousands from car interiors!

1. (D) I confess my brothers and our fathers are probably dismayed by our "un-handiness" when it comes to "tree-tying-to-car-ness" but we made it work.

2. I confess that i obviously (see confession 1. (D)) use quotations to create words too often. 

3. I confess that I almost peed my pants when my best friend sent me this in an email today:

Omg I just realized I didn’t put the g in season’s greetings! Now my cards are gonna say seasons greetins lol! Oh well.

4. I confess that I think Christmas in Dixie is one of the top two worst Christmas Carols ever. 

5. I confess that my Vet tells me every single appointment that my poor Audrey needs a dental but I dont sign her up for one because I can't afford it.  And that makes me feel like a bad mommy.

6. I confess that I am too scared to wear my new engagment ring in the shower or bathtub so I take it off first every single time. 


  1. HA HA HA - I was lol'ing at all of your confessions! Especially the season's greetins! Also, my mom and I don't get our puppies teeth done either. We have found that dentastix work REALLY well. They're pricier than the normal treats but definitely worth it to keep your pooch's teeth clean.

    Hope you have a great weekend! XOXO

  2. hahaha I confess that i am the one who can't spell Seaon's greetins! lol