Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There are no words...

I know ive mentioned this before on my blog, but I'm going to say it again.  I'm the LUCKIEST girl in the world. 

Last night Bobby asked me to marry him (I said Yes!)

He completely caught me off guard and it was the most perfect moment ever. 

He had me so focused on my mystery trip It never occured to me he would boy did good :)

I'm going to spend all day today looking at dresses, and colors and all that wedding frufru and Im going to love every second of it.

I've learned quickly that its almost impossible to take a good, clear picture of an engagement ring.  The first picture is the closest I have been able to get (and it doesnt even come close to showing the beauty of the ring.)  The second is a picture from the site where the ring came from (its exactly the same.)

Oh and our trip is a cruise to the Bahamas!  I'm on happy overload! 


  1. Aww congrats!! Beautiful wrong and it sounds like the sweetest proposal :)

  2. I'm excited about spending all our work days perusing Pinterest and wedding websites! :)

    Love you guys!!!!!

  3. O my gosh, CONGRATS!!! Good work Bobby!

  4. Wooow!!!! Congratulations!!! It looks amazing and I am so very happy for both of you! As I am too lazy to walk over there to look at your ring, I will awe in amazement at the pictures shown. I hope you two are very happy together forever (and ever). God Bless.

  5. oh wow!! Congratulations!!! That ring is gorgeous!