Monday, November 28, 2011

It's officially Christmas-time!

Thanksgiving is finally behind us and that means the official start to the Christmas Season has begun! Christmas is my favorite time of year so I am always looking forward to Nov.25th so I can start celebrating without that "its not even Thanksgiving and she is already getting ready for Christmas!" backlash. 

Since moving into my new house I have been having major struggles trying to unpack and decorate to my liking.  So, as an added bonus this year Christmas decorations are alloting me a little breathing room on my unpacking and interior design.  For the next month i can fill the holes with Christmas cheer and wait for inspiration to hit me on more permanent decoration. 

Here are a view glimpses of what I have so far:

Small tree in the front window that can be seen lit from the road.

My mantle

Mantle close up

This little guy is my pride and joy so far.  I picked him up for $4 at Kohls last weekend for my mantle and dressed him up for Xmas with a little bow and some angel wings. 

I still have the main event to go (the real Christmas tree for the den area) but since its been in the 70's here lately I'm holding off for a few days on that.  I refuse to buy my Christmas tree when I don't need a jacket.

Have you started your Holiday decorating?

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  1. We did ours yesterday since we will be traveling back east for Christmas, I wanted plenty of time to enjoy it!