Friday, November 4, 2011

Showing my green-ness

OK. Im very new to this blogging prefacing this post with that for all you that are going to laugh at me for this post :)

I didnt realize my comment section was blocked to only allow members to comment.  I have received many requests to fix this and I finally have.  SOOOO now ANYONE can comment (YAY!) Im so relieved I fixed that, i spent many nights worried that i was missing comments (How i love theeee comments!)

For those of you who are green like me if you want to comment all you have to do is click on the Comment as: toolbar under the post a comment box and choose Name/URL if you want to put your name and/or blog or you can choose anonymous if you are one of those sneaky peeps.  I love your comments too sneaky peeps!

See below for a picture of where to post:

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For all my non green blog friends thanks for letting me show my greenness without judging :) 

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