Friday, November 4, 2011

Trying a new trend

I admit it: I have been hanging out on the outskirts of the mustard yellow trend.  I have been unsure how that hue would go with my blonde hair and fair skin and admittedly didnt want to give it a chance to see.  Until yesterday I thought I would just let this trend pass me by; but then Target intervened.  A super soft comfy, mustard yellow grandfather cardigan for $4.96?  Well that changes things...Lets give it a shot.  

You know what?  Im not hating it.  Go figure.  I will give it a day at work to grow on me and see how it feels.  Maybe I will be more daring with trends Im unsure of in the future, that is if they are available on the Target Clearance rack that is :)

Oh side note !

I HAD to share these awesome earrings I also picked up yesterday on Targets clearance rack: Elephant Bling!  How can you not have a good day in these babies?

1 comment:

  1. $4.96?? I love Target. I'm a fan of the mustard trend too, but somehow I still don't own a single piece. Maybe I should hit up target too... :)