Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Nail Trends

I am a big (MAJOR) accessories fan.  Accessories afford the average gal an opportunity to keep up with ever-changing trends in fashion while maintaining a budget.  As I mature I find myself buying many more "classic" pieces for my wardrobe that can withstand the test of time while conforming to different looks with added accessories. 

One of the cheapest ways to accessorize is with your nails and recent style has really embraced the manicure.  Good news for me since I love to do at home manicures and change up my look weekly (sometimes more!) 

I stumbled upon this really great article on Harpers Bazaar website and thought I would share what the Fall runways are predicting for our fingers this year.  Check the article out HERE:

The four biggest methods highlighted in the article are “Dark & Stormy”, “Pretty in Pales”, “French ‘Twists” and “Beautifully Bold.”  Here are a few of my favorites looks I intend to try out for each category: 
Dark & Stormy:
Probably my favorite, "Dark & Stormy" invokes thoughts of smoky, murky, dreery (and other adjectives ending in -y) hues.  A little colder than "warm" these shades are dim and a great contrast against fall's sun fading skin tones.  I cross my fingers every fall that these dark tones will return and am very happy to say that this year will be no let down.

Pretty in Pales:

Don't let the use of the word "pale" throw you off when you see this new fad; these aren't your usual pastel easter pales that tend to pop up in spring along with the daffodils and tulips.  This is a heavier pale, think pasty, cold, like vampire skin or toasted marshmellows.  Lots of heavy feeling creams and natural tones.

French "Twists":

Lots of opportunity for creativity here!  Let your mind get some exercise and come up with some new clever "twists" on the traditional French manicure.  A thin line, dots, half moons, everything go’s here.  Personally I am really digging the nude nail and painted tip combo shown in the second and third picture below.

Beautifully Bold:

Pull out all the stops here; as long as its bold its the season to give it a try.  The runway saw lots of 3D effects and nail shaping as hands became works of art.  If you feel you are a bit handicapped in the "artistic department" check out our old friend Sally Hansen and her line of Salon Effects HERE.  Same effect with way less work!

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  1. these are great photos, I adore the accessories and the nail colours are all fab. I like your blog :) Hopefully see more soon :D

    Georgi at 7wonders xx