Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I feel a panic as i post this "gift wish list" for myself.  I mean how do i stop adding items to this list?  I am literally anxious to hit the publish button because i just know as soon as I do something even more fantastic will appear for me to want. 

And then feeling that way makes me feel small and shallow, like a bad person who has completely lost the magic that is Christmas.  But just as quickly I remember that most likely if any of this is purchased it will be by me, with the money i busted my butt to earn.  Money that is left over because my bills are paid, my savings has been added too and my loved ones are taken care of. 

Then i realize the gift is that i am so very proud of myself. 

And i deserve it.

Getting to a point in life where you realize you are worth it is huge.  And if I'm going to stand proud in this part of my life then I deserve to look good doing it :)

My Xmas "Gift Wish List"

                                     Similar Boots                              Similar Necklace                             Same Pants

   Similar Sweater                      Same T-shirt                                Similar Snood


  1. That sweater is amazing! I love the detailing!! paired with a navy skirt it may be the perfect 'work' outfit for me :)

  2. These are all must haves! Same thing happens to me! Everyday my list gets bigger and bigger! Hopefully Santa won't get to confused!


  3. My mother in law always asks us to email her our gift list. I hate pressing "send" because I always think of something else to add. (Not that I expect her to buy everything, but I just want her to have choices!)

  4. Nice post. Love your blog. Following you :)


  5. I love your choices and I respect the way you think! If you work hard and make sure that everyone is okay then you most definitely deserve to treat yourself!