Monday, December 3, 2012

Roofs were raised

Check, Check, Check it out! 

It's time for me to brag about all of my Christmas Decor! 

Don't worry... i won't make you look at allllll my Christmas funnery (i made that word up but it just works right?)  Here is a highlight of some of "My Favorite Things" Yes, that would be a witty holiday inspired comment if I believed that "My Favorite Things" was a Christmas song but NO. Don't. Get. Me. Started. on that.  That is a beautiful Sound Of Music track, NOT a Christmas song.  Ok before I get off topic...

Look at me! I re-purposed! Whoop, whoop! (*hands are raising roofs*)



Do you have any Christmas Decor from your childhood that stands out?  These three angels embody Christmas from my childhood; Mom had them on prominent display every year and the beautiful fuchsia feather skirts would mesmerize me for hours.  It meant the world to me when Mom handed them down to me last year and now I make sure to have a special spot for them in my home (i.e. away from my lunatic cat and dog.)


  1. Everything looks amazing! Love the mantle decor - great job!!

  2. Tara!! LOVING your decorations! Specifically your mom's angels! I love love LOVE decorations that remind me of childhood!
    Great job, seriously!

  3. Everything looks so perfect! I think ornaments in a glass container are my favorite decoration this year because they can be color coordinated to anything!

    And I totally agree, Favorite Things is a great song but NOT a Christmas song!!

  4. Super cute jo!! Everything looks great!

  5. Great decorations!

  6. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

  7. Those little angels are super sweet! We have a few things that come out every christmas as well, most of them are tree decorations like the topping and the super nineties discolights, haha :) x

  8. I love those angels! I have my mom's tree topper on our tree this year, and it makes me think back to when I was little.

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