Thursday, January 24, 2013

Floral and Stripes

Sometimes Spring scares me.

I'm not a fan of pastels and every single year as the Winter comes to an end,  Spring starts to stir in the fashion world and up pop the pastels.

I'm determined this year to search high and low for Spring trends that are  NOT reminscent of Easter Eggs.

Stripes mixed with Florals are knocking it out of the park for me.  Strong graphic lines paired up with femininity equals perfection.  Heck I even dare you to throw a pastel hue in the mix, I'm pretty sure the boldness of the look over powers any candy coated essence that may try to sneak in.

Oscar De La Renta

Top-Zara Skirt-Asos


  1. I love florals and stripes! It's such a pretty combo!

  2. I LOVE this combination! It's super cutesy and with all the pattern mixing happening - you really can't go too wrong! :)
    Nikki at

  3. The first photo!! Love the combination of floral and stripes!

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