Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Tale of Two Purses

I have spent 30 minutes trying to write a witty blog post to explain how I bought two purses this weekend but the backspace key keeps rolling over the words, erasing them forever.  As soon as i think I am on to something my mind quickly disagrees and the flashing curser starts to move in reverse. Beep Beep Beep like a truck backing up crushing my failed creativity. 
I have nothing my dear friends.  I even tried to write a poem but I couldn't find a good word to rhyme with "purses".
But I have to share.  So forgive the lack of imagination.

I bought TWO purses this weekend. Both at FANTASTIC prices. I mean prices so good that combined they still cost a good deal less than most purses I covet. And I just had to show you! Because i know so many of you are familiar with that feeling you get when you GET.A.DEAL.



  1. LOL I did that recently as well - one arrived last thursday from modcloth, then i bought a gorgeous coach purse at a resale shop. Love them both, need to start changing purses more often :-)

  2. Stupid, fat cow! Birds are NOT dirty, mean and scary.

  3. great finds .. I have a liking for the second one!

  4. these are great finds - and the price can't be beat!

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  5. Ooooooo I LOVE that leopard print one!!!