Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jason Wu approved???


Sometimes I see something new in fashion that speaks to me and I can't get it out of my head.  Jason Wu did that to me this year with his runway looks from New York Fashion Week,  specifically the ultra femme fatal flouncy black sheer skirt shown here. Paired with a nude top and tuxedo-esque accessories Wu created a powerful look that has captivated this girl. 

Jason Wu Spring 2013

Immediately my mind starts to churn and my mission is clear: find an affordable alternative for my closet that is wearable in my everyday life.  Each piece must be under $50 to fit in my budget.  If you would like more information on my selections visit me at POLYVORE.
First things first, that skirt.  Unless I have a date at the Met sometime soon I don't see myself getting much wear out of the full tulle concoction fabulousity that strutted down the runway earlier this month in NYC so i start digging for a worthy alternative.  A touch of sheer, a bit of flounce and a dash of an asymmetrical cut and we are in business.  All five of the choices below would be suitable for night or day here in NC.

Now I need a nude top to balance that skirt.  The beauty of Wu's take is that the nude top doesn't just take an obedient backseat to the skirt, it stands on its own with eccentric crystal and beading delivering a punch.  Rhinestones are probably a bit too formal for my look so I am going to use some softer texture to get the same effect.  Lace, polka dots and some sparkle work well for my alternative.

The accessories are where I can really try to get the eccentricity of Wu's look in a more tamed down version. A Rhinestone collar, hat or jewelry adds the sparkle present in his top while suspenders and a bow tie inspired belt bring in the tuxedo flair.  Add some black strappy sandals and you are looking good!

Do you think Jason Wu would approve???


  1. I love that outfit!!! And I love the alternatives you chose! All of the soft neutrals with a touch of sparkle and a hint of masculine against black - perfection! I think Jason would approve. :)

  2. Um, he would definitely approve. Love this collection girly!

    xo, Emily

  3. love it all!!! so inspiring! :) thanks sooo much for linking up! newest follower!

  4. I love that you re-created the look with more affordable pieces! I'm a new follower :)

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  5. I love how you took something from the runway and made it affordable (and not to mention a bit easier to wear in real life!)!

  6. I love that look! All of your choices are great!

  7. I love all your choices especially the peplum tops :) I found you on the LL link up and I'm a new follower :)


  8. love the tops!

    Have a wonderful day! Stop by and say hello!

  9. I am in love with that skirt! It's so beautiful! And I love all your alternative picks too! Thanks for linking up!

  10. I love the way your brought this from Runway to Real life. What a creative post!

  11. love this! i would go for the top right skirt with the top middle shirt and the bow clip with the bottom wedges!

  12. I love that you took something so high fashion and showed your readers how to create! Great idea!


  13. Yes Jason would most definitely approve! Love this look. Thanks for visiting my scarf post yesterday:)

  14. I LOVE this outfit - it is seriously GORGEOUS... I want to re-create it immediately. You did an amazing job picking out pieces. Don't be surprised if I show up on my blog in something like this.. haha! Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com