Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm pretty excited about a discovery I made the other day, but I'm more excited to share it with all of you! It's entirely possible I am completely out of touch and in fact this is not news to anyone at all but I'm going to go ahead and think that is not the case at all! And I'm letting everyone in on a great breakthrough!

So I’m monitor shopping (instead of window shopping, natch) for some new fall boots.  I’m thinking how great it would be to find a really good deal because then I would feel less guilty about the fact that I think it’s important to get a pair of ankle boots AND a pair of riding boots for this season.  It just feels like a big injustice to my wardrobe to have one and not the other.  Suddenly, an idea comes to me.  I remember a place, a dwelling I used to frequent years ago.  Payless Shoes.  I don’t exactly know when, but at some point Payless became the equivalent of mehhhh to me.  I don’t recall any specific encounters that turned me away but it certainly happened, sometime between high school and now, I just stopped going to Payless Shoes. 
So here I am surfing the net and I think ok why not; I head over to
Payless has some hot kicks! When did this happen?! I don't have the answer.  Maybe I have just missed out.  Notice the past tense used because I am not missing any more of the gems that are popping up on that site.  Here are a few examples of the beautiful shoes available now.

Go take advantage!


  1. I love those black ballet flats and mustard heels! Thanks for the heads up!!!

  2. haha...yes! Payless has stepped up its game! =)

  3. There's sometimes some pretty good stuff at Payless...especially if you're shopping with a budget! I got a pair of black flats there over two years ago and I still wear them frequently, wore them today in fact because I'm required to wear black shoes at school.

  4. I love the black flats with ruffles, I just may have to stop in over the weekend when I am out. I, like you, haven't been in Payless in awhile - looks like they stepped up their game!

  5. wow, I really love these shoes :)) <3