Monday, September 17, 2012

That pesky inbetween

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We are all excited that the fall is (almost) here; we ride with our windows down to feel the slightest chill that has begun to hang in the air, we sip our pumpkin spice lattes pretending it's about ten degree's colder, and we ignore the sweat that is starting to seep through our socks as we stomp around in our boots with no snow in sight.  

Hey, I am with you and I am ready for fall.  Every year September hits and we are ready to put away the summer and get out our fall but darn it the weather is just a tad bit behind us.  It teases and taunts in the morning's and evening's but lets us down with the midday sun heating us up.  This is the transitional period we experience every.single.year.  It's what I call "the inbetween".  

The inbetween is that moment between summer and fall where we all become too impatient to wait for the turn of the seasons.  Fall is not in full swing just yet but its just close enough to start the fall fashion layering.  It is RIGHT NOW.  

I have tried to find a compromise for my wardrobe so I can satisfy that fall itch while still maintaining some integrity in the reality of the weather.  Above I have shown a few different things you can do to that summer belted dress (doesn't everyone have one of these?).  

Add a scarf: Said scarf must be very lightweight; the time for your comfy wool infinity scarf has not yet hit.  Graphics such as animal prints, polka dots and color blocking are all the rage right now so use this accessory to add some flare to that basic dress.

Put away the sandals:  Hey this is good news girls, you can let those pedicures go for the next few months! Bring out those closed toe shoes!  Maybe take that money you save not soaking your feet and invest in a pair of oxfords because they are all over the place right now.  Ankle boots are another great choice that pair really well not only with dresses but also all those ankle pants and capri's you can still rock for another few weeks.  And yes, I know the riding boot is probably a bit early but bring it out anyway.  Some things just can't wait and one of those is the riding boot.  Hold off on the high socks peeking over the top though; its definitely not time for that yet.

Throw something over those shoulders:  We are all pretty aware that our winter coats are for winter and probably don't even need to transition into our closet yet but a girl has to put something on those arms until the deep fall weather invades.  A few really good alternative?  Button up a cardigan; the options are endless these days and all fabulous.  Boyfriend, polka dot, lace, cashmere: the possibilities are endless.  A blazer is another great choice.  These jackets are not just for the office anymore; dress yours down by rolling up the sleeves.  



  1. Hey there, loved this post and your blog is great!! I feel the same way about is so funny this happened to me yesterday, I was dressed so cute and then the late morning sun hot flash!!!! Very quickly my cute outfit wasn't quite as put actually it looked like a mess!!
    However the cold will come eventually so I don't want to wish the warm away to fast!!

  2. Adorable blog!!! Great fashion tips too! Thanks for stopping by, new follower!

  3. I agree it is hard to dress this time of year! Espescially here in the South where it gets hot as all get out in the daytime!I guess layering is the way to go.

  4. Good tips :) I've put away all my sandels, and it's time for boots already! I'm so excited for Fall!!!

  5. Excellent tips!! I am always confused what to wear and how to transition during the "pesky inbetween" time :)