Monday, September 3, 2012

Day Before Diet Day...

It's a long standing tradition for me to celebrate the day before I start a new diet with a tub of Ben and Jerry's.  Tomorrow I am starting anew (again) and going to start Dr. Mike Moreno's "The 17 Day Diet." Of course you don't even have to ask my friends, i will update you on my blog every step of the way!

But alas! A new diet is not the only feat I plan to attack the day after Labor Day! I am very proud to announce that starting tomorrow I will be training for my very first 5K!  

Even typing that last sentence has my fingers trembling a bit over my tub of Phish Food.  A runner I am not, but I am determined! I think now I shall post a few of the things that keep me motivated to lose some of the weight for Fall:

Skinny Pants (they are all I dream about)



More motivation? Oh I know, Blake Lively.  SHE motivates me to run...does this girl ever stop?!

Ok and the image of alllll motivational images for this girl?  The image that makes me put down the Ben and Jerry's on Day Before Diet Day?

Blake Lively IN Skinny Pants
That was a joke; I am not putting down the Ben and Jerry's.  Not this girl...the stomach ache from finishing the tub is what gets me through day one!


  1. Super cute blog! Love your style! xx.

  2. aw...Blake! She's got some style and a great body shape!