Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Opposites attract

You know that old adage “opposites attract” that is often used to describe relationships.  It’s Penny and Leonard, Scully and Mulder, Shrek and Fiona.  Two people who are completely unlike find desirability in their differences.  Electricity ensues as together the two create a love match discovering each other. 
Well this recently happened for me, not in love but in fashion (let’s be honest though, fashion is definitely an infatuation for me.  One of my greatest loves after my husband.)
I share with you my current crush, the hodgepodge that is….denim and rhinestones. 
The shine and sparkle against the rugged denim or worn chambray is a juxtapose that has gripped my heart.  In my mind this is a combination that is destined for a long lifetime of happiness, in my closet at least.  
I have decided to take today’s Oh, how pinteresting and Wonderful Wednesday link ups and dedicate them to the new love in my life; my newest passion and an affair I hope to partake in very soon. 

For me it's love at first sight...sigh...


  1. I had not thought oftis, but oh I love!!! Will be looking for some rhinestones-and well denim too!!

  2. Love this. I've been looking for a great distressed denim shirt but have yet to find something I really like! I have an old denim jacket I def need to incorporate with some rhinestones!

  3. I freakin love this look....hmmm up to my closet I go...what will I find!!

  4. I love that first necklace! Gorgeous!

  5. i'm loving rinestones as well!! it's the perfect amount of pizzaz for any outfit!

    happy wednesday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  6. I love some bling with my chambray also! Thanks for your sweet comments on my How to Wear Printed Denim post and for the follow. Following you back:)

  7. I really like that last look with the skinny jeans and the sparkly shoes.

    Stopping through from the WW link up.

  8. GORGEOUS!!! The last pci of the speakly heels....TDF!!! Bling Bling is always in fashion :)

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  9. Love this sparkle with denim!!! 

    Elle xoxo 

  10. lovin' these pics...thinking I need to organize my coat closet so I can actually find my denim jacket! :) I'm following you back now!


  11. Love these choices!! I love crisp button down shirts paired with feminine jewellery.